First impressions are important. Add some flair to your fundraising page by adding your own text, pictures, or video. Remember, your potential donors may be interested in our mission, but they are primarily interested in YOU. Reminding your contributors or donors of why you’re supporting this cause is important and can motivate donors to continue giving or even increase their gift size! 

Not everyone wants to write out their personal story – we get that! Sometimes it’s hard to know the right thing to say. Don’t worry! We’ve provided a template that’s easy to customize.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some tidbits that you can use on your fundraising page/ emails: 

  • Thousands of athletes train & compete in New Jersey 
  • Special Olympics New Jersey offers 24 sports year-round 
  • All SONJ athletes compete free of charge 
  • It costs $250 for an athlete to compete in one sport for one season 
  • This is my __ year playing in Snow Bowl to support Special Olympics New Jersey.  

A great way to solicit donations is to include information about where your donors’ money is going! Here’s a cool graphic that shows the impact of different gifts. Feel free to save this and share!