Want to be part of the 13th Annual NY Football Giants Snow Bowl? Well, gather your squad and create or join a team today! The minimum registration fee for each team is $2,400. The maximum number of players for one team is 15 players, and at least four players must be present to start a game. And while the registration fee for each team is $2,400, teams are encouraged to continue fundraising beyond the team goal to reach different incentive levels.

Create a Team

Team captains must register their team online with a deposit of $160 or download the registration form under the Tools and Resources page. The deposit fee is non-refundable and will be credited to your team registration fee of $2,400. Confirmation of the team’s registration and all future correspondence will be sent to the team captain via email. Please adjust your email security to allow emails from snowbowl@sonj.org and dp@sonj.org.

Join a Team (with fee)

Players enter your individual team player contribution of $160. Please note that the $160 player amount works for a team of 15 players. If your team has fewer than 15 players, each player’s individual contribution may be more.

Join a Team (with player info only)

Choose this option if your Team Captain has already registered your team. This selection is for teams in which one person or company may be paying for the whole team fee of $2,400, or team members plan to fundraise to reach their individual goal of at least $160 or more.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact us at snowbowl@sonj.org.