Snow Bowl is a three day flag football tournament that gives players the opportunity to play on the same field as the pros while supporting the athletes of Special Olympics New Jersey.

Who can participate?

Any flag football team with players that are 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate. Each member of the team must sign a waiver before they will be allowed to play on the field. We suggest that those with health concerns contact their doctors before participating.

How much does it cost?

The minimum donation per team is $2,550 (Punt Level) to participate in Snow Bowl.

Why do you ask for $170 if the minimum is $2,550?

We will only register a total of 152 teams for the three-day tournament. By sending in your $170, you secure a place in one of the Division slots. By asking teams to submit a deposit of $170, it allows team members to continue to raise funds from family members and friends to cover the minimum registration fee of $2,550 or raise additional funds to reach higher fundraising incentive levels. Teams may also submit the full $2,550 at the time of registration and will then be completely registered at the Punt Level and not owe any further monies on the day of the tournament.

What happens if we raise more than the $2,550?

There are two other registration levels - Pass Level at $3,500-$4,999 and Touchdown Level at $5,000 and up. Each of these levels provides additional incentives for the team members.

What happens if all of the divisions are full?

If all the divisions are full, your name will be placed on a Wait List and you will be called if we have a cancellation. We will not take your $170 deposit unless we have an opening. Please note that teams on the Wait List may be contacted up until a week before the tournament and should be prepared to submit the $2,550 to play on the day of their games.

Can teams register on the day of tournament?

Unfortunately, no teams may register on the day of the tournament. This is due to scheduling, incentive items and other tournament logistics.

Can we bring additional donations to the tournament?

Yes! We welcome teams to continue fundraising up to the day of their games. We will accept all donations and add them to your final total.

Can we bring family and friends to watch?

Spectators will be allowed to attend and watch the games from the stadium seating above the Coaches Club. Spectators are not allowed on the field.

Can we wear our team uniform?

Teams are encouraged to wear identifiable team uniforms appropriate for the sport and weather conditions. Check the weather the day of the tournament and bring extra jerseys, socks, shoes, gloves, etc. Locker rooms will be provided for the players' use.

Where is parking available?

We do not anticipate any problems with parking. Signs will be posted with directions to the tournament entrance for players, officials and event staff which will be East Gate, Parking Lot A and for overflow parking in Lot H or the corner of  Lot G closest to Lot H.

Can we bring coolers into the stadium?

No coolers are allowed in the stadium. Water bottles or sports drinks are allowed in the stadium but only refillable water containers are allowed on the field. Please note this is a non-alcoholic event.

Food will be available for the players, officials and event staff.   Spectators are encouraged to eat before arriving to watch the games or they are welcomed to  tailgate, but please review and follow the guidelines on the MetLife Stadium website for tailgating.

Can we bring plastic water bottles or sports drinks on the field?

In an effort to be more sustainable and keep plastic off the field and in the path of where players run we ask that you bring refillable containers and use the water containers on the field to fill your containers with water. All containers must be left off to the side of the playing field areas and out of the range of player movement on the sidelines.

When do the games start?

We will have morning and afternoon start times depending on your division. First games in the morning will start at 8:00am. Five games will be played on the field simultaneously, with each game lasting 30 minutes. The Captain will be sent a schedule at least one week before the tournament. Teams should arrive with sufficient time before their first scheduled game to allow for parking, checking in, picking up team incentives, changing clothes and warming up. Warming up on the field is not allowed if games have started on the field.

What is the role of the Team Captain?

The Team Captain's responsibilities are:

  • Secures spot for his/her team in a Division with the $170 deposit.
  • Makes sure all players have signed the waivers and registered their information.
  • Passes along messages from SONJ regarding the event.
  • Hands in all donations and monies due-must have at least the $2,550 on the day of their game to play.
  • Picks up team incentive gifts and information on tournament day.

Captains should plan to arrive at the stadium earlier than their scheduled games to check in and attend a short (MANDATORY!) meeting before the tournament begins.

What is the format for the games?

The format is 6-on-6 with light blocking. There may be some contact with blocking; blocking must be open handed and thrust outward from the chest with open hands and not "loaded up" from the side. There is no blocking below the waist or above the shoulders. There are no chop-blocks and you cannot leave your feet. This tournament is a fundraiser so a majority of the teams do not play on a regular basis and are coming out to support Special Olympics New Jersey. If you want to play competitively, then register in the Competitive Division.

How will the Champion of a Division be determined?

The winners of the semi-final rounds will play each other for the Championship Game. There will be Championship Games representing winners from each Division. Tie Breakers based on records are determined by: 1) Record; 2) Head to Head; 3) Points Against; 4) Points For; 5)$Raised for SONJ; 6)  Coin Flip.

How can my company get involved?

Monetary and in-kind support is always needed to operate an event of this size. Your company can get involved in any number of ways.

What are the rules?

You can learn all the rules from the Rules page.

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