We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, this is not just a flag football tournament. Teams that participate in Snow Bowl are here to raise funds for the athletes of Special Olympics New Jersey and WIN! Whether a team is a coed team, recreation team or competitive team, these players come out and give it their all. We are impressed every year by the level of sportsmanship and competition by all teams but would like to recognize this year’s division winners.

2019 Division Winners


Friday LE/FF Recreation B

1st – Ocean County Pigskinz


2nd – Tour 6 Firefighters

Friday LE/FF Recreation A

1st – Blue Lives Matter NYC


2nd – PBA 286

Friday Night Recreation

1st – New Wolf Order


2nd – Raidem +40


Saturday Recreation B

1st – Healthy Bodies


2nd – Monmouth Game Changers

Saturday Recreation A

1st – Redcon 1


2nd – Men of Mayhem

Saturday Competitive

1st – Hudson County All Stars


2nd – The Presidents

Saturday 40 & Older

1st – Fort Z


2nd – Bubba Fund

Saturday Night Recreation

1st – Kings of Zamunda


2nd – A Bunch of Haz Benz


Co-Ed Recreation B

1st – Pylon Pythons


2nd – Negative News Bears

Co-Ed Recreation A

1st – Monstars


2nd – Animals

Sunday Recreation B

1st – Wolf Pack


2nd – Monmouth Flag Football

Sunday Recreation A

1st – Breed


2nd – Long Island Strong

2019 Fundraising Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations to our three Top Fundraising Teams! These teams were based on total team donations as of 10:00am on Thursday, March 22.

We appreciate ALL of the teams’ fundraising efforts!

1st – Shark Finns


2nd – Luke’s Warrirors


3rd – Spencer Blue Diamonds